Where Art Starts is the Creative Nomads Youth Program tht endeavors to provide unique arts platforms that challenge both the critical thinking and creative skills of young people from pre k- high school.

Smaller youth are provided readiness skills through art and music. Older youth, through a combination of intense Youth Day experiences and after school programs, learn both the business and technical craft of the arts as well as social skills through using art.

All programs are instructed by members of the Creative Nomads arts professionals community, who we call our Comrades in Arts.

Contact community@thecreativenomads.org for more information on providing program to your youth.

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Our Dance program includes exercises, movement and routines in various areas of focus. Each focus area will help develop a sense of self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem, and empathy to connect effectively with others. Enrichment with life skills are taught through engagement that include leadership, mindfulness, conflict resolution, and more.