• Anshia Crooms, Music + Entertainment Specialist

  • Kayenecha Daugherty, Founder of Creative Nomads, Social Connector + Arts Advocate

  • Matthew Miller, Award Winning Music Engineer + Producer

  • Alex Ryce, Childhood Education Specialist + Advocate


  • Karim Lateef (Advisor) - Arts Innovator + Lifestyle Specialist

  • Linneal Smith (Fundraising + Events Advisor) - Events + Project Management Specialist

  • Jay Stewart (Advisor) - Record + Radio Industry Specialist

  • Brittany Presley (Advisor) - Music Industry Creative Connector Specialist

  • Monet Shelton (Artistic Advisor) - Vocal Specialist + Musical Team Builder

Kayenecha Daugherty- Founder + Executive Director  

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Arts + creative professional with almost 20 years of experience designing entertainment + experiential events and connecting artists and brands with interested audiences. Rising through the music industry as one of the first Hidden Beach Recordings’ interns and then founding her own entertainment company Gypsy Soul more than 10 years ago, she has built relationships and communities that are priceless.  More recently, educating both professionals and youth through arts and music has evolved Kayenecha's professional passions leading her to leave her six year position at the Grammy’s to dedicate herself to further building Creative Nomads and its youth program, Where Art Starts.

Educating arts professionals and youth through art has Kayenecha's undivided attention. She believes completely that emerging arts professionals without professional development and access to successful peers are less likely to fully realize their potential. She is also acutely aware that youth that have little to no access to arts, music, cultural programming and wellness tools are deprived of discovering their vast capabilities to imagine and manifest their dreams or thrive abundantly in today's society. Art is too important to not support on a professional or youth level.

Her personal goal is to provide more educational resources to both arts professionals and youth in ways that are fun, build community, and foster personal growth for all involved.

Through Creative Nomads she looks forward to connecting with instructors, other community partners, and funders who can assist in expanding the services of Creative Nomads to those who need and cherish art and wellness in their lives and the lives of everyone in our communities.